DC Blogs Noted


After a four year absence, the writer of City Girl’s Blog runs into The Diminutive Russian. The guy I moved to DC for.

Let’s try to solve a real-world problem, with math! What’s the better deal ask Lumpyhead: A bar offers $1.50 pints on Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, that same bar charges $4.95 for the first pint but only $2.00 for each refill …. How many beers to I have to drink on Tuesday to make it a better deal than Wednesday?

Here’s the Twitter version review of Watchmen: A frustrating combination of brilliance and mediocrity, but overall, a great film. For the good, bad and ugly of it, see DC Universe.

On some level, this may be a good idea. Chandelier in a garage. Photo. InsideTheDistrict.

Overheard cell phone conversation. Sophomoric and amusing. SciWonk.

RIP Pepper. RealityBites

Giant Panda Up a Tree Photo. DCist.