DC Blogs Noted

Sitting Upon a Hot Stove Lid, which is how the Green Canary comes across a 4 a.m. discovery of a small and sad kitten. Now what?

Listen, you stupid idiots who won’t stop staring at me. An angry, strong language rant by ThingsToDo inDC, for the WeirdBroke & Lonely.

Congress Wants Guns in DC. No Problem: Introducing the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Gun Shop. Notions Capital

Eight weeks till the last frost: planning and starting seeds. My Brown Thumb lists her planting plans, including flowers, veggies and herbs.

When Your Full-Time Job is Looking for a Full-Time Job. David Gaines, who writes … your technical skill sets may get you an interview, but it’s your personal skill sets that get you the job.

Seven weeks. Stream of Jessica‘s photo montage her last two months of bliss.

The Right to Bare Arms. Mtngrl Musing. The First Lady.