DC Blogs Noted


The only people who’ve never sat next to the Too Talkative Man on a plane have either never flown anywhere or are the Too Talkative Man.  The Thinking Fool had that unfortunate seat on a recent flight.

Unsolicited advice regarding unsolicited comments is the latest informational spill from Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino.

The Freewheeling Spirit finds that going fast is a better revenge against the automotively & logically challenged

Adopting a Feral Kitten teaches The Say Hay a larger lesson about the world.

Striking the proper balance between preservation, redevelopment, and smart urban planning is critical to the modernization of urban centers around the country.  The Falkand’s complex in downtown Silver Spring is the front line of the conversation, and the Goodspeed Update offers a terrific synopsis of the situation.

If the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day can begin two weeks early, then so can the complaints about the holiday.  The I’ll Think of Something blog obliges with A Brief Complaint.