DC Blogs Noted


The Scarlet Letters offers a top ten list of things on which to spend $1,630,000,000 instead of spending that money on the Silver Line.

Sometimes your mother can surprise you (as I’ll be hoping my kids learn), as the author of Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino discovers and describes.

Buddha’s Wii Whiskers looks back on the rationale for awarding China the 2008 Olympics (like, it was supposed to improve human rights in China)  with more than a little irony.

DC Peg reads the obituaries and remembers her father

Angry Pregnant Lawyer lists the twenty-five authors who have made her think over the course of her life.*

Eye Level reviews a video game lecture and show at the American Art Museum.

*Mine are (in no particular order) (1) Cervantes, (2) Garcia Lorca, (3) Unamuno, (4) Atwood, (5) Beattie, (6) Tyler, (7) Norton, (8) Leguin, (9) Calvino, (8) Eco, (9) Vargas Llosa, (10) Borges, (11) Ingalls Wilder, (12) Cather, (13) Barnes, (14) Dante, (15) E. & C. Bronte; (16) Austen; (17) Smartt Bell; (18) Atwood; (19) Tolstoy: (20) Gardner; (21) Shakespeare; (22) Martell; (23) Didion; (24) Sontag; and (25) Wollestonecraft.