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The Recession May Prove Just as Bad for my Liver as my Bank Account. thunderstorms higly likely writes: This is hitting way too close to home.

Carlos in DC brings attention to a proposed law that would give the city the right to declare Hot-Spot No-Loitering Zones. There will be a hearing March 18. This law will run up against a belief, as Carlos writes, “that DC residents are being racially targeted by DC police.”

What’s in a neighborhood name: MtP, CoHi, noma, explained by Farm Fresh Meat.

Suburban Sweetheart has to make an emergency late night stop at Union Station where horrors await.

Downturn bargains: the six dollar coat. Photo. Sugarlens. And, while on the subject of fashion, Rainbows and Soft Serve has a problem with this.

City’s Technology Office Goes Rogue. Capital Complaints. Information security officer arrested along with contractor on bribery charges. This kind of thing is far too routine in the District. The DC tax office was looted out of more than $20 million by employees, and the school system has seen corrpution as well. Is the District the most corrupt city in the U.S.? (There are lot of people out of work who would love these jobs.)

Rendering of the planned U Street hotel. It will have 250 rooms and roofdeck bar. 14th & You. There’s also a report at DCmud.

First hand report of the First Lady’s visit to OMB last week. Many photos. Bureaucratic310.

DC City Blog grades the service, food, decor and feel of Indique in Cleveland Park.