DC Blogs Noted


I never thought that I would find humor in a breast cancer post.  Suburban Fizz proved me so wrong with Ample.

Shannon, our favorite Disacffected Scanner Jockey, is one of the few people who is decidedly not Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  When you don’t like a holiday, her strategy of avoidance is one worth considering.

I seem to recall that the African American and Jewish Communities were great allies during the civil rights movement.  I am not sure when that changed but there have been a series of spats since.  Hello Negro explores the latest dustup triggered by comedian Jackie Mason’s questionable comments.

An OC Girl, confirmed liberal, writes compellingly in defense of Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain.  Even the author has a hard time believing it as indicated by the title, I Hate Myself for Liking Meghan McCain.

Princess Sparkly Pony has AIG, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and other captains of the universe in her sights (with an aid from one of my favorite Washington Post Columnists, Richard Cohen) and she does not miss.

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