DC Blogs Noted


A family moved out of RudeCactus’s neighborhood, and came back to clean their house, even though it was being foreclosed on, which made RudeCactus long for independent means to assist a family like that.

Flirting: sometimes it’s just good for the soul (other times, not so much, but that is someone else’s post).  Attention Span of a Fly had one of the good flirting experiences lately.

Kim, of Perfectly Cursed Life, tells you to look elsewhere if you’re looking for fashion advice, weekend recaps, or writing on any number of other subjects.

Silver Spring Photo posts a picture of a makeshift memorial to Tai Lam, killed on a local bus.

Stefanie Says says (hey, I just had to write that) that the U.S. needs to teach kids more about personal finance to avoid more AIG moments.

Bradford Pearson wonders how the 20% layoffs at the Sesame Workshop will affect some of our (or our kids’) favorite characters. Now that really feels like a financial crisis, doesn’t it?

Our very own lovely WashWords takes on the mantle of Metro/public behavior enforcement. If only people would do what we tell them. Really.

Unsuck DC Metro normally posts short posts (because of the younger generation’s v. v. short attention span, I presume), but the summary of Metro service problems from March 11 to March 17 is, er, not at all short.

And outside DC, The Belletristic Cat defines stupefying, momentarily terrifying, and annoying in some pretty undeniable and unforgettable ways.