DC Blogs Noted


Small Time Thrift Adventures. Colorful photos illustrate some interesting recommendations. The Fashion Void that is DC.

Police aren’t as smart as the Spiderman-Burglar on the loose. Velvet in Dupont.

A Chipotle rant that undoes the wrap. Jadxia.

Esther now-and-then-some writes that her music family has come to an end: Today I learned that the board of directors of the Master Chorale of Washington voted to dissolve the choir at the end of our concert season in May.

Snow Queen and Smudge, two white furry cats available for adoption. Deaf Animals

Vapiano gives customers a “chip” card that is scanned after every purchase, writes NiteNetwork.com, and it helps to create a “casual atmosphere that is remarkably fluid.”

Slashfood wants to know: What are the best local foods to include in my welcome baskets? DC Wedding.