DC Blogs Noted


TomPalmer.com is at Kramers at a table that’s next to “young-DC-powerbroker-wannabe couple.” The woman, who is part of this couple, “managed to make roughly every fifth word a vulgarity.” Palmer decides to say something: “I addressed her and told her that she had the most vulgar and filthy mouth I had been exposed to in probably at least a year” … While he delivers his admonishment the boyfriend/companion continued to stare at his plate. [Emphasis Added]

Actual explosion email. Wanderingclacla’s Weblog. For those of you unaware of Wednesday’s fireball by the “fake,” made-for-TV explosion. Will it generate 911 calls?

The Artorialist. Just scroll through the entire blogging experience.

Ode to Ethelbert. Chicks Dig Poetry. A post about things that make this writer happy, and a round-up of four major book readings Wednesday night.

Bus wonk: New Circulator Routes don’t make much sense, argues Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space