DC Blogs Noted


“A man walks into a blog and gets down on one knee…” not the start of a joke but a story of the first ever wedding proposal via blog.  After reading that story, Meg, of Soup Is Not a Finger Food, shares the tale of her engagement in response.

The writing challenge from the 20something Writers Group: write an open letter to a person or people to say things you’ve never said.  Lilu, who writes Live It, Love It, Accepted.  Read the original challenge here.

As I write this round-up, I am watching the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament… the Women’s Tournament.  For those not yet hip to the effortless enjoyment of the women’s game, Sarah and The Goon Squad kindly wrote 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Women’s Basketball

Stepping away from the cookies, Anthea of In the Night Kitchen proposes an interesting way for our government to help people with student loans.  President Obama are you listening?

DC Damsel takes a spring break from DC and was relieved of the “6AM pressure to wake, run, suit up, and prosper.”  It didn’t take long, however, for her to discover that she had brought a stowaway companion with her.

A few Happy Happy’s to close the post: Happy 200thPost, Freckled K, Happy 4 Year Anniversary, Laurie Writes, Happy 11th Birthday Girasol,