DC Blogs Noted


How much influence has a blog post of yours ever had? Here’s one that made me stop in my tracks: someone read Esther-Now-And-Then-Some’s post about the disbanding of the Master Chorale of Washington resulted in someone pledging $5,000. Yes. You read that right. So read her follow-up post and possibly pledge some of your own if you feel so inclined.

Maybe knowing what you’re talking about before you speak is a craze that will sweep the nation? That’s what Learning to Fly hopes.

Finn in Alaska contemplates her youngest turning five.

A survey that’s, er,  not for the squeamish, promulgated by Confessions of a Dilettante. Don’t complain, I warned you that it’s not for the squeamish.

I Am Bossy (and are you surprised?) turns three. Help celebrate.

Shrink Rap in Baltimore, hosts guest blogger Retriever who writes about the stigma attached to mental illness, particularly in children, and the limitations that stigma places on advocacy.  And Retriever posts on her own blog about Shrink Rap’s post.