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We’re out of Here was one of many Dc’er expats willing to get up to watch Soccer at 8:30 am. Hmm, I can SOMETIMES make it to watch my workload pile up by 8:30… sometimes.

Oh Susanica! imagines she, like newspaper columnists, could simply recycle previously done work during vacations. Yah, sure, newspaper columnists have it EASSSYYY, Susanica, but seriously, that WOULD be nice. I think I might try it next vaca. Some sage advice…

Hey, did you know you could find out the time your next bus arrives via a Metro beta test that’s ummm working now? Well, ya can and some officials are telling WMATA not to be squeamish about the surprise pre-release party. Greater Greater Washington lays it all out for you. Zimmerman urges Metro to embrace “beta testing”

Riders will access the information on the Web, via mobile devices, or by calling a hotline. Metro staff plan to release the service in June, but it’s been working, and many riders had found it quite useful and most often accurate.

Crazy Days and Nights says Washington DC Is The New Los Angeles. Like, totally. Let’s go clubbing.

The Culture Wars shares a subway platform with Britney fans. It’s Britney, B*tch: Yes, this is what one does before a concert.