DC Blogs Noted

Apartment Olympics Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash A day in DC ends with a different kind of Olympics. Smash gets the gold Blog medal for this post – Cube. Gun Nut El Guapo in DC This writer gets a copy of Field and Stream in the mail. An unexpected delivery that prompts this amusing post. He is way too funnyReya.

Turns out that the Remington 700 (luckily you can buy it at Wal-Mart) was voted the best all-around rifle by the good readers of this magazine. I may just be a simple Guatemalan, but the look of this rifle is very similar to the tricked out Escalades I see rolling around DC.

Also Noted: Direct Current, a blog of biting humor, clever writing, and astute observations of life, has closed his blog. There’s not much of an explanation for this decision, but none is needed. What’s needed is our thanks for some great writing and humor. –Cube, KOB and Reya. The work of some local interior designers is featured in the magazine Decorating Spaces. See Ended with a Flash and Conversations with Mud. Flash writes: Last year we met two gentlemen from D.C. who wanted their condo re-done …. [the end result…] it turns out this is no little article at all, it’s a 5 page spread!!! My jaw dropped and I was amazed. Thank God We Can’t Make a Baby Together, writes the Big Green Chair after this couple enters their photos in the Gene Machine. Otello, 1329 Connecticut Ave. Well written review by Moyey’s Wine and Travel Blog It starts: I must confess to something of a prejudice against typical American Italian restaurants. People think they can do anything as long as they have their hazard lights blinking! DC Mr. Anthrope, a law student from the South. The most boring post ever at Baby Bananas for Everyone. A photo documentary. Meet Tonka Mighty Backhoe. Now she will no longer have to spread my paperwork all over the floor for a soft spot to sit on, writes Darn Knit.