DC Blogs Noted


How do you know when we’re REALLY having rough financial times? When the Neighborhood Bar Feels The Pinch. It ain’t pretty. Farm Fresh Meat takes us through the gory details, including that the bar is now asking you to… ahem, clean up your own vomit, kids. Man, times are tough!

Speaking of the recession (yaayy!) … What’s the trade off of a world where everyone is an artist, asks Words from Hannah. She reacts to a recent NYT photo gallery: reader’s photos of the recession, with interesting commentary on what happens to professional artists, with such openings of the lines? Quick thought about art in the depr/recession.

Urban Mama remembers her Mama, six months after her death. Need I say more? Grab the Kleenex for this lovely, painful post. Six Months Later.

Okay, sorry for the cerebral sad tone thus far … in other news …The Internet is a scary, dismal place on April Fool’s Day, more than others, notes Citizen Jake. And yet there were a few goodies to be found. He takes us through My favorite internet April Fool’s Day jokes. Oh man, I missed that City Paper one. Hah!

Go Big or Go Home meanwhile has no such qualms and shares a proposal gone terribly terribly wrong. Hilarious or enraging? Does your gender answer the question? oops

Ah the Metro, and the people who ride it? Did I not TELL you the Metro runners have issssuessss? Adventures in Knitting and Other Geeky Mishaps agrees with me in her tale of woe, Do I really like living here? and clearly is a very brilliant and classy sort. On behalf of the ridiculous who runnnnn (and aren’t they always well-dressed “gentlemen”?) I apologize. I really do. Not that I’m one of those people. I am NOT.  Nor am I  a lingerer. I walk briskly and with purpose, but not self-important ridiculousness. Harumph.