DC Blogs Noted


Longtime DC blogger Arjewtino says Adios and Shalom Chaverim to blogging. One final, awesome, epic, and not unentirely melodramatic blog post to mark my retirement

Spring at last! Look fast because it’s DC and we all know it will be gone soon. DC Peg treats us to a taste of the beauty. Some Spring Colors in my Neighborhood.

Disaffected Scanner Jockey is running late and frazzled when she walks right into (literally) a … stimulating conversation? In Which I Outwit the Mentally Ill.

I am Yawar takes us through the Trials and Tribulations of Getting a Haircut

Having (more) trouble dating in these tough economic times? [F]oxymoron offers us a coupon and some tips for Recession Dating.

March madness is over, Top Chef is between seasons. We need some competition. And that’s where Peep Wars comes in. Thank you, Capital Spice, thank you very much. And speaking of peeps (cuz uhhh, why wouldn’t we)¬† Photocyn-thesis shows us The Most Awesome Peep Site Ever! Happy Springtime!

Looking for weekend fun? Life in Mt. Vernon Square suggests a weekend activity. Major discounts as part of the Newseum Birthday: Three children free with each adult ticket.