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Photo: Scene from this weekend’s Caribbean Festival near Howard University. DC and Alcohol Ms. Reina goes to Washington Pointed observations about DC’s obsession with drink by this California transplant. In this well written and thoughtful indictment, Ms. Reina makes the case that there is way too much alcohol consumption in this town. Her post begins:

One thing I never realized before I came here was the fact that Washington DC is in a state of drunken stupor, especially on the weekends. This town may be conservative (in its DRESS), but it is very liberal when it comes to its alcohol.

DC Blogs editor’s note: For further reading on the topic of drinking in DC please see these blogs: Cadillac Brewski, as reported by the Butterfly Network. Fantastic Weekend. And I didn’t even hit up a single bar. I hung out in Arlington, at a friend’s place, and learned the BEST drinking game. Granted, it’s a good pregamming type of game, I ended up playing it all night long. And subsequently got absolutely hammered. From DC Divas, this report: I absolutely LOVE getting drunk before the night has even officially begun! So we get to the bar and are feeling rowdy b/c tequila does that to us. We immediately are befriended by two cute military guys who start buying us more drinks. Now, B. can hold her liquor a hell of a lot better than I can so she was good and drunk but I was trashed. Uncle Bertie’s Bag of Goodies writes, in part: I have drank way too much in the last three days and really need to detox. Housemate stories House of the Dumb This is a new blog by a woman who writes about “house, housemates, mates, dates and ultimately fates.” Scathing humor. The writer also urges readers not to take anything she writes seriously. The story begins this way:

Our house is a nice townshouse-esque place in the residential (read: relatively crime-free) section of Washington DC. Three levels, great location, right near the bus stop … everything about it is great … save one thing. Well, actually, four. Those precious four things constitute the idea behind this blog. The house is infested with idiots, and I’m on the verge of going absolutely nuts.

I made my boss cry today My View from the Jeep A director of operations at a nonprofit, this blogger gave notice yesterday. He writes about how he successfully turned the organization around and how upset his boss was with the news of his planned departure. But life brings changes, and this 10-year DC residents decides to go to Chicago. There are a lot of reasons for the change, and here’s one of them:

Having lived in DC for the last 10 years, I have found my life to be stagnate and lacking much interest. I was asked recently what my hobbies are, and I didn’t have an answer. So it’s time to invigorate myself. And my gut tells me that Chicago is the place to do it.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival disappointment d.c. native This is a new blog by a twenty-something who “returns to take on her hometown after college.”

Went to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall yesterday with a bunch of friends. What a disappointment. The lack of creativity is overwhelming. At its inaugural five ears ago, the Smithsonian focused on the ENTIRE Silk Road—which was so amazing and interesting, and kind of felt like Epcot Center …

Also noted: Jennifer writes about this guy on the Metro who is apparently unaware that eating, drinking, and using noisy electronics is against the law. SO. I get on the metro, and this man sits in front of me and takes out his PORTABLE DVD player, and proceeds to watch a damn movie. Then. as the train continues down the tracks toward Silver Spring, this man takes out a big gulp from 7-eleven. I’m like… can a police officer PLEASE come and get this man. Rare non-sarcastic praise from DCSOB regarding the new Giant in Columbia Heights. … just got a lot of cool stuff I can’t easily get elsewhere in the neighborhood, like Guarana soda, Jamaican beef patties in bulk, pre-prepared individually-packaged flan and frozen Paneer. The usual funny collection in the latest edition of DCeptette by The DCeiver. So at the office, there’s a box where we’ve been collecting foodstuffs for So Others Might Eat. But, when you walk by the box, the signage thereon says: “Please leave donations for / SO OTHERS MIGHT EAT IN THIS BOX.” A rant about personal responsibility that’s worth reading, by Jus Primae Noctis.