DC Blogs Noted

Sober Sister DC Cookie Some simple and true observations, combined with a perfectly captured portrait, produces an excellent post.

.. what is not obvious when you first meet me is that my happiest moments are never floating at the bottom of a bottle of Pinot. Intoxication is entertaining, but fleeting, just like the memories attached to it.

Also Noted An Opportunity to Help Someone in Need. Fellow blogger Sharkbait recently lost her aunt, who left behind a husband and seven children. No insurance, medical bills – read Kathryn’s post (scroll down). A collection was taken up at the Wednesday happy hour, but there’s directions here about how to donate. Secret Confessions. City Sparkle shares some incidents from her past involving liquor, milk shakes, hotel rooms, police, and swimming in the ocean during a thunderstorm. Entertaining read. This is a baseball house. A wonderful, touching story about tee-ball coaching by Throwing Hammers. Don Lobo’s Mexican Grill, 2811 M St. NW A meal at Don Lobo’s starts out with one of the tastiest salsas in town, writes Suburban Tasteland. Kirkin’ Out, a new art blog, reporting about a trip to the Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Boztopia marks five years on Live Journal, which makes him a pioneer. He writes: It has enriched and challenged my life in no small way, and I’m still just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do and what it can teach me.