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The Disaffected Scanner Jockey, Fiery Nuggets, and Zandria have all been thinking about what it means to be single in a world telling you to be coupled.

Soulmate Update from Aileen of Infinite Connections

Fuzzy and Tigers and Condi, Oh my! The Food for Thought blog explores the complicated social and racial implications of Condoleezza Rice’s recent comment that Fuzzy Zoeller (of “I hope Tiger Woods doesn’t serve fried chicken and watermelon at the Master’s banquet” fame) is her favorite golfer.

If these pictures don’t make you smile, then you are the personification of every cold-hearted cliché.  Congratulations to Ellie (and the whole Carpenter Family Blog crew) for her first Ballet Recital.

SWDC Blog shows the latest artistic renderings of the new Arena Stage and they are breathtaking.