DC Blogs Noted


I was expecting lots of first dog posts (he is cute). Or lots of ‘it’s April 15 and ew, I haven’t done my taxes’ posts. More people are writing about the Tea Party protests: Such as an OC Girl in an Extraordinary World, The Hay Say, Brownpau of We Love DC, and Nat Turner’s Revenge.

Jamy of Grateful Dating took a sick day and stayed home and worked on knitting one of those top down circular needle sweaters.

On being lonely. Hannah, just breathe …

[F]oxymoron…’s dancing bricks isn’t lengthy, but it’s a nice image, and anyone who can find the bright side to failing to maintain the infrastructure in this recession . . . well, go [F]oxy.

In the wake of Holy Week or Passover or whatever, Fresh Muddy Waters… has some Good Friday observations.

Pacing the Panic Room… has a great recent post about how one’s parents can make you crazy. With a thank you to Sent from My Dell Desktop for recommending this blog.

There will be a Self Defense Class in Rockville tonight, free of charge at the Twinbrook Recreation Center from 7 to 9 P.M., courtesy of the Rockville Chief of Police. Thanks to On the Red Line for the heads up.

And Malnurtured Snay takes on Failblog. Hee.

And I guess everyone but me knew that pandering was a way to increase one’s income. Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie. (Strong language)