DC Blogs Noted


Might this finally be the season we see Real World DC? The 42 envisions how it might go down depending on which neighborhood is picked. MTV’s Real World House in Mount Pleasant?

Teabaggers and irony abounds and If you See Something, Say Something is there to note it. Teabaggers spotted in Lafayette Park.

Squidpants receives the Best spam ever? Goodnight my forbidden fruitfly. Or something like that.

The sentences of Thunderstorms Highly Likely’s life this past week have been punctuated by the occasional commas and semi-colons of two aggravatingly similar, yet oh-so-distant, characters. She continues to wait for the one who will understand her words. Duplicitous.

Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection wishes you all a happy Tax Freedom Day, 2009.

It was a good and a bad Metro day for Pygmalion in a Blanket. I’m more of a Scrabble guy, anyways.

And finally, go see “State of Play,” opening tonight and starring… me! and also some guys you may have heard of, apparently – Ben Affleck? Russell Crowe? whatevs. Insider info: the “capitol” is the masonic temple (from what I can tell from the trailer) My big moment (if not tragically cut) is when I, FISH MARKET PATRON, cross behind Russell Crowe at … the fish market! I am wearing a ginormous coat and my adorable hat! Be gentle with me, paparazzi, the camera adds 15 lbs!!!