DC Blogs Noted


The signs are everywhere even from your kitchen window at 4 a.m. – Denizens of the Night from Two Shorten the Road.

The Hammock is the ultimate harbinger of springtime happiness, but be sure that the hooks can hold your humanity (affinity for alliteration ends in 3, 2, 1…) Read DC Rowhouse’s Haste Leads to Waste.

Seriously, how could I ignore this picture from Alice’s Adventures Underground?  While we’re on the subject of pictures, Education is a high form of patriotism so sayeth our president, so implies Tumblrownpau.

Mothers of Intention — Has Dooce Become the Modern Day June Cleaver? Argue amongst yourselves in the comments at Pundit Mom’s place

Advice on being Anal Retentive from the City Girl who Blogs – not for the prudish (or especially for the prudish, depending on your perspective.)

Most child-mother conversations about sex make me cringe.  Carolyn Online’s politically timely explanation of the term “tea bagging” made me laugh.

This most recent Sunday the Washington Post featured an Op-Ed that discussed things the “World Can Do Without.”  A blackgirlgrown discusses the inclusion of the NAACP on this list.