DC Blogs Noted


On manly men and keeping it real, Blake on UDo the Dishes finds some role models.

[F]oxymoron writes about being an Iraq war veteran (also very manly, in keeping with the theme from above) with one stated goal being to have his little brother know what [F]oxy thinks of the war. “Just in case he gets any crazy [F]ucking ideas about joining the military, I want him to first see this conflict from my perspective.”

Joe Logon, of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately, in his own incredibly manly way, writes about the W&OD trail.

What to do when your job requires you to work on the world’s largest hostage rescue and genocide? Tickle the Pear hopes not to become too jaded.

Crappy jobs? Digging for Fire can tell you about them. Even untaken crappy jobs.

Again, there are Metro rules of behavior: and Soup Is Not a Finger Food sets forth the rules and a few violations thereof.