DC Blogs Noted


Think you had a good reason for not showing up today? Next time consult the directory. New DC blogger Best Temp Excuses offers us this gross gem for today: TMI… Looking forward to using, uhh, reading more soon.

The nursing strike continues for Quiet in the Stacks.

DC 365 wins a major challenge in our fair city! Where’s registration for 2010?  Thing 27: Urban Dare Revisited, Dominated and Won.

LC in DC returns to blog. …lc post dc… I was going to blog.

Blogs by Tara participates in 20something blogswap day. Enjoy The Promises of Rain

Modern Domestic wonders: Would Julia Child Tweet?

And I’m wondering: is tweeting making you write – even BLOG – less? I have a contest for you. Cheers and happy weekend.