DC Blogs Noted


I live in an area where excess reigns supreme, despite the green rhetoric, writes the Church of the Big Sky. She is responding to the story: Scientists’ Alert: Fatties Cause Global Warming with candor.

Denizens of the Night. A moment of panic for Two Shorten the Road.

The inside story of a blog post that wasn’t fact checked. buggblog.

Getting Dirty In The Backyard. Lesson learned. The Definitive Dmbosstone.

Not closed for an emergency. Media Concepts, who writes: I for one trust my body’s defenses to fight off the swine flu, the killer bees, the Y2K virus, and most of the other germs that have caused the human body, through thousands of years of evolution, to become the powerful fighter that it is.

The Washington DC Record Fair Returns May 9. The Vinyl District.

Cut taxes photo, with spending edits. tumblrownpau.