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Window Shopping Field of Flowerz Cleveland Park market’s puzzling display: why is there a teddy bear lying on his back with a hat over his head? From a post, Drunken Irish Teddy Bears.
Also Noted:

Tom Quixote takes a big picture look housing prices and sees the end of the bubble when Asian investors stop buying treasury bills. Home Improvement Ninja.
Busboys and Poets receives a double volley from two DC bloggers, Chai and Two Timing the Cosmos. Both outline the details regarding the wait, the bill and the food. Chai’s take: There was no love given to the food, like no attentiveness. I just felt like the cook threw the pieces of bread together, scooped up the avocado, and took a tooth pick to place it together, much like a Subway sandwich artist.
Thursday, March 9 make a difference by dining out. Restaurants that are contributing a portion or all the meal proceeds to people facing life threatening illnesses, reports D.C. Drama Girls. Here’s the Web site: Dining out for Life. Alpha personalities at Weight Watchers.there is always one woman who thinks everyone has gathered to hear her share her personal stories, writes I’m Not a Girl Not Yet a Wino. A New Yorker stays at the Helix and calls it funkalicious! Also loves Paper Source, from Karmabutton. Former Giant Food site, 14th St. NW, to become condos, reports Columbia Heights News. A photographer comments on the “beautiful maleness of the Dupont Circle fountain. By Susan at Visual Voice. Cezanne and DC anxiety. I just hate how rude and scary everyone is in DC, writes ilikeblue. It’s spring kiddies. Bulbs announcing themselves, photo at Gadi and Jenna.

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