DC Blogs Noted

DC is Rome

K Street Confidential, a new collaborative blog effort for a group of bloggers to express thoughts in even deeper anonymity, tells a haunting tale of potential and precaution.

Always down to go drinking for a cause, the Frozen Tropics alerts us to a Habitat for Humanity Happy Hour – $20 all you can drink Hefeweizen for Habitat @ the Pug.  In other community news: Free Admission to the Pricey Spy Museum the last Wednesday of the month from District Schmistrict.

In a world with fanatical adoration of youth and the female form, Going Down Like a Monkey’s tribute to Women over 50 who Rock was a refreshing change of pace.

A number of DC Blogizens are having problems with our early heat wave; Lachocran has an interesting way of seeking her cool.

With a blog titled I Hate So Much, Maxie espousing things that she hates is not unusual.  This time, however, she posts about the things she is supposed to love but hates nonetheless.

Average Jane leaves her heart on a napkin and finds enchantment in the eyes of the runner with sweat stained heather grey t-shirt.