DC Blogs Noted


According to the Heights Life, the advantages of living in Columbia Heights have existed (and been promoted) for quite some time.

On the subject of promotion, Big Piece of Cake is sponsoring the none-too-self-important-or-serious Underdogs Unite. Wouldn’t you want the award for Most Self-Congratulatory Parenting Advice or Most Likely to Gain 500 Followers After Threatening to Stop Blogging OR After a Major Blog Scandal (whatever that means)?

The suggested awards (or titles) were suggested by Pearl, one of the Underdogs, who also declares herself a hothouse flower.

Positively Present discusses being a rather closed person and some ideas about how to be more open.

Sarah and the Goon Squad sees her seventeen year old self at the National Zoo (and she has a photo link, too).

Kelly of Ken and Belly feels like she’s walking backward on the bridge from the 21st century now that her laptop is fading away.