DC Blogs Noted


A Run-In in the Hospital Garage. Two Shorten the Road

Photos of a Dupont Circle wedding. Kathy Blanchard

A story about government contracting, Microsoft, and who is first in line for swine flu medical care, if it comes to that. Interesting read by a writer who doesn’t allow comments and claims to be telling the truth. The post title: Swine Flu Projected Not to Affect Most Appropriate Population. Tom Collins’ World Wide Web Log.

Pygmalion in a Blanket tells the story of school principal who looking for a new challenge and found one. Some students were allegedly planning to blow up the school.

Farewell to Jack Kemp, a Fine Gentleman. Don’t Gel TOo Soon. An appreciation.

A survey of recent restaurant openings. . Metrocurean

Our top five summer destinations. We’re Out of Here.