DC Blogs Noted


SciWonk tells how Dr. Margaret Ellis Bourdeaux Saves the Life of Dr. Gene Dresselhaus. Excerpt:

Suddenly, from the adjacent table, Dr. Margaret Ellis Bourdeaux, who was in attendance, stood and rushed over, like a breeze. Her curly, bright red hair, fair skin, and teal full-length gown were striking, but not as striking as her calm and direct actions.

This video of a daytime robbery of Universal Gear on 17th is the most amazing thing. A group of men, perhaps 8, brazenly walk into the store, take clothing off the racks and then leave. Color video, posted by store owner on YouTube, captures the drama. Borderstan and DCist have the background. Friends of Jack calls it a mass shoplifting.

Frozen Tropics believes Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan are more dangerous than the H Street, Trinidad area. Consider the Crime…Elsewhere.

Why should it matter if DC residents raise chickens? jimbo.info

Don’t Buy the Lie. Sweetpea’s Garden. Pantyhose.

Meet Lucia Merritt Armijo. Beyond Friendship Gate.

DC has dozens of blogging subcultures. Here’s a report of a get together of PF bloggers (presuming that means Personal Finance) and it includes links to some of the locals. Finance for a Freelance Life. It met at the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgans. Food prices were within budget, it reported.