DC Blogs Noted


Overheard on the Metro: “I don’t think my husband would appreciate that.” Is it Luck?

Is there a place where you need a surfboard and snowboard? In Town. Observed on the street.

Interview: DC Mini Gallery. ReadysetDC, A soon to be open space on 14th.

On District Love: 90 minutes in Dupont. Americornization a blog by a “mid 20s Danish professional working in media production in Washington, D.C. – a place she is convinced is the epicenter of the world.”

Amazon.com Customer Reviews Are Funny. B&T Crowd. Excerpts from some Amazon reviews.

Safeway favoring NW for renovations? Bloomingdale (for now).

My $3,000 Hand-Knit Sweater. Kings of the Road.

Matchbox at Barrack’s Row review at Liza and Gary’s DC Pizza Blog