DC Blogs Noted


There are keepers of all things; and the keeper of words, the Global Language Monitor, announced recently that we are about to reach the one million word mark in the English language.  Franco Beans takes umbrage at the word that may get that honor and wonders about the cumulative contributions made by the electronic generation.  Where did all the Words Go? – It’s a damn good question.

Former and much missed DC resident, BettyJoan of Trouble with Toast is running two triathalons this summer (and there is a charity behind them both, so please click here and donate if you wish) and has been seeking the balance between healthy eating and good taste.  We can all benefit from the wisdom gained from her experiments through her new series Eating for Athletes: A Trouble with Toast Special Event

One of the funniest people in the DC Blogiverse (who I think that we can declare officially internet-famous) admits that her little sister is funnier than she is.  For supporting evidence, LiLu gives us It Runs in the Family.

“Put the Crackberry down and step away from the device” is the essence of the message from the Foggy Dew.  He’s even using one of my favorite words to describe what he hopes will be a growing trend – The Luddite Party.

Vox Pupuli takes exception to the general Washington perception that Young Hoya’s ruin the fun of Georgetown bars by over-populating them with denim mini-skirted girls [with invisible tiaras] and the Miller Lite swilling frat boys who love them

The author of the Hello Negro blog has a self-described “black moment…amidst the vanilla mall” which is lent extra poignancy in our “post-racial” world.

Because blogging for a good cause never gets old, I give you, via the Johanna Knows Good Food blog, The Great American Bake Sale.

Are you looking for a way to generate revenue from your blogging?  Do you think that there are Bernie Maddoff inspired business models that are ripe for investment?  Then, wow, does Lacochran have an idea for you!

The Washington Blogger May Meetup is tonight (May 20) at Regional Food and Drink (better known as RFD) 810 7th St NW, steps from Gallery Place Metro, Chinatown exit. Everyone is invited. Make some new blogging friends!