DC Blogs Noted


RudeCactus sees (and hears) dumb people (which is really scary boys and girls). And about that: no matter what librarians tell you, there really are stupid questions out there. Here are some.

An OC Girl Living in an Extraordinary World gets stressed by rude drivers, unless their bumper stickers agree with her world view. Then they get a bye.

Greater Greater Washington applauds DC’s summer jobs program in some ways, but has real problems with the idea that the city’s youth should be breadwinners for their families.

Maybe Buddha’s Wii Whiskers is a feminist, and maybe he isn’t, but here’s a guy who actually notices how loathsome street harassment actually is and what a toll it takes on women.  Go Buddha!

Why I Hate DC posts again (at long last), hating crime in the city (does anyone not hate crime?) and listing a bunch of recent crimes, arguing that anyone who thinks [a whole bunch of neighborhoods are safe] is a fool.

If anyone has any questions about a Creative Commons “some rights reserved” copyright, Diary of a Reluctant Blogger links to an explanatory sideshow. I’d love to read comments and more detailed explanations from those in the know, but the explanations looks good to me.

People use calendar transitions as a way to jumpstart personal change. Here are Esther-Now-And-Then-Some’s resolutions for change some parts of her life after an ending.

Lady Brett Ashley (Rather odd literary nickname to choose for oneself — thanks you Hemingway — or actual name?  You decide.) of (That’s Why) The Lady Is a Tramp says she’s judgmental.  Well, yeah, aren’t we all.  Her judgments may or may not match up with mine or yours (or may do so, not that there’s anything wrong — or right — with that), but here they are.

The New England Review is in danger of ceasing to exist if it doesn’t become self-supporting by 2011, according to First Person Plural. To help this journal avoid this fate, you are encouraged to subscribe. There’s a discount if you’re a member of the Writer’s Center.

And now for something completely different:  are there any transgender guys who can give Alex in Oz of Queerer than Queer some feedback and advice?  He’s feeling a bit shaky.  I had enough trouble as a heterosexual teenager (eons ago), and this kid embraces the angst as a transsexual.  Go alex.