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The threat that the writer of Sexy, single, and… celibate? faced in a parking lot — I calculate the risk, practically lunge for the door, and shut and lock it as fast as I possibly can — becomes a metaphor about blogging and co-workers who read her blog. This persistent anonymous commenting and behavior is creepy, stalker-like and threatening. She has quit her blog.

I Need to Stop Judging People’s Hair. Kings of the Road. Comments made are quickly regretted.

Missing Screen on the Green? The Restaurant Refugee, and DCBlogs editor, wonders why no one has stepped up to save this summer attraction. He writes: Where is the organization which understands the incredible public relations opportunity this presents?

DC Girl at the Movies reviews Terminator and writes: The movie is crap.

Artomatic opens Friday, May 29. Check out the cool postcard on Brainworks. Artomatic blog.

The Trolling Code of Blogland. Rantings of a Creole Princess

Brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill. A review. brunch and the city.