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DC Basket Cases takes us with her on the roller coaster ride that is Mystics fandom. If you’ve been a mystics fan for as long as I have….

What a difference a floor makes …Lachrochan feels lucky having to move offices only six times and shares the difference between the First Floor Turkish Bazaar and the Second Floor Zen Spa, complete with considerate bathroom etiquette. “Been in so many places” –Jim Croce

File this under “overhead in DC,” “Zen wisdom” and frankly how I feel some days … Just Matt is sending a drunk on his way

Things change with time but Thunderstorms Highly Likely points out some essential truths, such as this: There’s (Still) No Such Thing as Free Beer

A recent obituary makes DC Peg ponder Men Doing Needlework

Just don’t go there, to the lows, the dark places, a roomate advises Hannah, just breathe. So she doesn’t. Swing high, swing low, or maybe, she decides, just swing. And surely enough, the world rolls out and back again. The swing set.

Important Cause Alert The President Wears Prada invites you to help her and her scientist friends team put an end to breast cancer. Susan Komen Global Race for the Cure

DC the fittest? Depends on the context, writes Random Duck in response to a study by the American College of Sports Medicine that ranked DC “as the fittest of America’s 50 most populous metropolitan areas.”

Memo to men on the Metro: Offering a seat to a person who can use it is noticed, writes Anonymiss in DC. She writes: We think it’s attractive.