DC Blogs Noted


One of the über-anonymous contributors at K Street Confidential has a confession… or maybe a confession within a confession.

The dedicated Hop-Head behind the Hop Heights Blog asks the following question about glassware: “To most drinkers, specialized glassware across the spectrum of spirits seems as natural as the grain itself. So why do people respond to the sight of a curvaceous tulip or a graceful hefe glass with bemused curiosity or mild skepticism?”  His answers are both informative and entertaining.

There are more Eco-friendly metropolitan areas than ours (no offense, Takoma Park,) however, the DC area is the first to have a private residence earn a Platinum LEED Certification.  Thanks, DC Metrocentric for the heads-up.

Got a bike? Then chances are you have a part you don’t need, need a part whether you know it or not, or can use a new riding partner.  The Cycle Jerk writes of an event that may help you solve all of the aforementioned issues.

A warm welcome to Speaking of Witch, and Big Girl Shoes who have recently added their voices to this happy band of bloggers.