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Live It, Love It lists her pet peeves: things that annoy her about her fellow bloggers. No, none that refer to any of you. You’re all above average, and great writers with great blog layouts. But I completely agree with her, and I’m sure there are many other blogging annoyances out there.

Meeting the parents: often an incredibly awkward moment, but this time, for the author of Do You Come Here Often, it was . . . nice. People being pleasant and polite to each other: a great idea.

Some people think of doing good as a social event or athletic outlet (think all those walkathons, races to cure or find something, and benefit dinners), but some (like yours truly) really just want to be left alone with a DVD. So giving blood or platelets seems like a good option – you watch your DVD, don’t have to run any distance, and know, without a doubt that your donation is going to do someone some good. And you never have to sit through a boring committee meeting (just shoot me now — or take my blood).  You can give at most hospitals or at a local Red Cross Chapter. They do other stuff as well, of which I generally remain oblivious, but here’s a summary on the Red Cross’s blog.

If you want to meet environmentally minded people, there are several Green Happy Hours listed on City Renewed a green resource guide for the District.

Joe. My. God. (note: if gay people scare you, this isn’t the link for you) links to Betty Bowers (“America’s Best Christian”) explaining traditional marriage.   I actually found this post through Cabezalana (I think that means “wool head” in Spanish), so props there.

Another picture, just because I like it, from Through My Eyeballs.