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So you probably know Real World Is Coming to Dupont Circle! (S Street, Dupont Circle, I mean… somewhere…) but how will it affect your hood. Friends of Jack

Capitol Hill 20210 reviews the NIN show… and the venue. We’re Not Just a Band, We are also a Social Club

Sweetpea’s Garden offers Condolences to the loved ones of the security guard killed in the line of duty at the U.S. Holocaust museum on Wednesday.

Spokes of a Wheel shares his Stormy Night Ride. Eek, I was afraid to be in the CAR in the storm.

Re:Districting reminds us that DC and well… life is The Sum of All Its Parts All.

Just in time for the weekend (and our hurting wallets) DC 365 shares Top 10 DC Things To Do This Summer 2009

“Pong” shares a moment from yesterday’s storm Cloud deck over Rosslyn on Flickr