DC Blogs Noted


The voice behind Life Goes on I Think had been quiet for a while.  Without pomp or ceremony, she has turned the lights back on.  In Sessions, she makes it clear that she “[doesn’t] have time for niceties at her [therapist’s] hourly rate.”

In addition to being environmentally friendly, thrift store shopping has the added benefits of breaking the easy bake mold from which many DC styles are cut, and being very affordable.  The De-Clutter You blog writes about the coming Goodwill Trunk Show which is akin to the holy grail of vintage clothing seekers.  By the by, if this entry resonates with you and you don’t read the DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, click me to get hip.

Girl of Words writes about the recent ban on smoking in the Virginia Prison System which sparked an impassioned, largely informed, and delightfully civil discourse in the comments about prisoner “perks,” punishment, and rehabilitation.  In the interest of disclosure, I note that my words were in that conversation more than once.

The author of the Life and Times of Accounting blog is a native Washingtonian (yes, there are more of us around than you think) who is leaving DC in a year.  Among the items on her personal pre-get-out-of-dodge list is Evening Parade at the Marine Corps Barracks.

Want to know what Dupont Circle rents were like in 1917?  Greater Greater Washington has your answers and some interesting history, too.

Lonnie Bruner knows sailing (sailboats not powerboats, he would surely want me to note) and is now learning antique cars too.  The parallels are numerous.

DC Blogger Meetup tonight at a new location, Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan. Starts at 7 p.m.