DC Blogs Noted


I’m trying to be humorous and positive this week, but the serious-negative/humorous-positive ratio is a little out of kilter.  My apologies.

Livin Mi Life notes that the  guard, Mr. Johns, killed in the Holocaust Museum shooting was opening the door (to be helpful) for the elderly man who then murdered him.

Meanwhile, the Anti-DC chronicles an episode of either winning love for bicyclists (please note the unfortunate absence of irony tags, which would be very helpful here) riding on the sidewalk (the man yelling at her chose to yell at her and not a man doing the same thing she was doing) or creating greater harmony throughout the metropolitan area (not).

While everyone alleges to hate the DC introductory stand-by question “What do you do?”, here’s a truly lovely example of when the question would have been appropriate and useful, in Fail Date DC (which is a blog name, and probably would be a great band name, but could also just be a state of existence). Also, not drinking too much in front of co-workers wouldn’t have been a bad idea either.

For those who compare everything (like proposed national service) to slavery, Republic of T has some words: slavery is when someone actually owns another person.  Slavery is not when you are required to do something you don’t particularly want to do (like do some work-related task that your boss has requested). 

A reminder to parents that not everyone is thrilled by your stories about adventures (or boring retail interactions) buying an outfit (or whatever) for your darling child. Sonnet 87 is not inspired to have children upon hearing endless parenting stories.

The Definitive Dmbosstone explains Why Your Mom Shouldn’t Be On Facebook (or gives an example, instead of explaining).

Psychiatric pet peeves: ClinkShrink at Shrinkwrap discusses premature and incorrect diagnoses (and since everyone is a little bit mentally ill anyway, this issue should affect almost all).

Prod and Ponder follows up on a selection from last week: blogging and Internet pet peeves. I’m glad Lilu’s post is getting plenty of attention (as I agree with most of what she said, but also, more importantly, because the post was a good one).

The author of Curlews in the Goyt* describes a late spring walk with his dog in Derbyshire (I think).

*You get points if you know what a curlew is without doing an immediate online search on any search engine. Ditto for knowing what the Goyt is and where it is (although I gave you a BIG hint).