DC Blogs Noted


At around 5 p.m., the phone rings. Red Nose answers. It was Joe, her husband, the man she just celebrated her 29th anniversary with. He says: “The Metro train I’m on just crashed into another train.” He’s fine, but it makes her shiver.

IMetro wonders about the delay and then he hears sirens. For many it was Metro Anxiety, writes Toddler Planet. Patrick at DC Metblogs realizes it is the same line his roommate takes. He writes: I drop my things and run to my cell phone.

A Prince of Petworth reader sent in some photos of the crash scene. City Desk blog has photos of triage area.

This blogger is on Red Line heading after leaving work at 4:30 p.m. and boards at Metro Center. Learns of crash via text messages. The Book of Jackson.

This makes me angry: police officers humiliate woman for selling food in DC streets. Carlos in DC. Includes a video of his interview.

Eating my way through Fall Church’s Eden Center. A review. We’re Out of Here.