DC Blogs Noted


Two Georgetown University graduate students are traveling through the Middle East for a spell and became witness to history in Iran.  Dispatches from the Region began as a standard issue travel blog before the protests in Tehran took the world stage.  I learned of their blog through a summary on Vox Populi.

Monday’s Metro Tragedy triggered a great deal of reasoned conversation as well as some unfortunate and hyperbolic hand-wringing about safety on Metro.  Fortunately, Beyond DC has some simple math that explains why that is “height of intellectual dishonesty.”  Frozen Tropics further amplifies that point with additional information on the subject of Transit vs. Auto safety, and Farm Fresh Meat really breaks it down with comparisons to Powerball.

Will there be Federal regulation of the blogiverse?  The Assorted Stuff blog (excerpting from the Washington Post) indicates, yes, and asks where it will or should stop?

Bread for the City, a local non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry of the city, has a budget/food deficit from the month of May.  They are seeking any and all help because they “can’t balance last month’s budget deficit against the hungry families who come to us this month.” 

Elle Dubya finds serenity, solace, and perspective, among other things, in ocean waves rolling against reality.

Don’t go running with your dog – cautionary information from an expert at the Friendship Tails Blog.

The Sonnet 87 blog gave me a hearty belly laugh on a day that was short on laughs: An Observation by IP.