DC Blogs Noted


DCist was one of the first DC blogs to report on the death of the King of Pop (and a link to coverage of the death of Farrah Fawcett. Go Home Already: Thoughts and Prayers – DCist. Meanwhile, somewhat spookily, or perhaps just a testament to the legend of the man If you see something, say something just a few days ago writes on a lunch at Tryst to the sounds of MJ and other soul legends, conjuring up 1970s NYC. How Not to Park

And Now, Anacostia reports on the recent accomplishment of the Historic Anacostia Block Association. HABA won a Vision Award!

SweetPea’s Garden acknowledges the difficulty and still tries to find the beauty, even in heading towards work, 11 hours after leaving. Perfect, Yum, and (Almost) Done

Disaffected Scanner Jockey needs your help to settle a bet. Not interested? It involves breast size! When You Bet Your Bra Size, Everyone Loses

Our own Infinite Connections has a yummy drink, a yummy bite and a yummy — and surprising — kiss. And has to lie down. Ahh, that first swirling fall. Calm, Cool, and Collected.

DC Intraspective details the latest in a Pepco saga. No power on Barracks Row Wednesday affecting several restaurants in the area. Pepco’s Response