DC Blogs Noted


The blogger RuninDC.com has put together a video, sung in rap, about the Eastern Market opening. And here’s a photo tour of the Eastern Market with some sarcastic commentary. The DC Universe.

If you want a friend in DC, get a blog. This blog is by recent college grad who plans to share the adventures once the move in completed in July. Getting from Point A to Point A in entirely too many words. An excerpt: I’m not there yet, but I’ll moving to the city in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve been preparing for DC life by waking up early, reading newspapers and online news content, and having extramarital affairs with congressional staff members. After that, I’m bracing myself for a few months of considerable financial hardship as I party every weekend and live off my parents’ income.

Along the theme of the blog above, the writer of Sarah’s Life in Washington DC, just moved move to DC with her new degree. My first interview. Lily Sees DC is another new arrivial.

Many new graduates who come to DC discover, soon enough, that they need to rethink their career goals and join the Brazen Slacker Network. [F]oxymoron.

The next big thing for Eastern Market: Plans for the reconstruction of a former school at 7th & Penn SE. From the State of the Avenue.

A Los Angeles Times writer who is traveling coast to coast writes about DC’s rock music scene. Daily Travel & Deal Blog.

If I Had $1 Million Listing. Urban Turf. Photos.