DC Blogs Noted


Liz in DC says she can be “a cold, callous, miserable person.” But then she goes to a shelter and saves a kitten. Every Scratch is Worth It.

The hot Republican blond alerts the Anti-Real World DC to The Real World’s arrival in the Big Hunt. The report: It was then that the most immaculate thing ever happened. One of the cast chose to engage us.

Insurgency on the Hill? The Hill is Home reports on squirrel cells.

Breaking News: Nathans to Close this Sunday. The Georgetown Metropolitan.

DC Bald Eagle Nest Threatened by DHS. A DC Birding Blog draws attention to a report of Eagles nesting on the grounds of the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, the future home of the Department of Homeland Security.

Did breaking a mirror expose this writer to seven years of bad luck? Hippo Crusades.

Photos of the fireworks. Very good work. Life through a Lens.

Advanced heads up: DC Blogger Meetup July 15th. All invited. NotionsCapital

Great Falls Photowalk. DC Shutterbugs. Category: Things to do.