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Angry Jane Doe is a woman who has had “one man too many [come] on with all the ardor of love, only to waft away in the cold light of early morning.” She responded with a self-described “manifesta” about dating in general, and online dating in specific, that includes this nugget of wisdom “I have taken down my profile, I am buying a vibrator, and I’m going to start spilling secrets.”  Her latest post, Enough, is the story of how it all began.   [Editor’s Note: Content is only appropriate for adults, but is largely safe for work.]

Speaking of women done wrong… Lemmonex reminisces with a song.

Speaking of women, and boys and song… Always a Drunk, Never a Bride struggles with the decision to select one for “the boy’s” ringtone.

Liebchen, the author of the Learning to Fly, presents a moving tribute to her late grandfather.

Jodifur experiences the rewards of kindness for kindness’ sake through entrusting an iPhone to a stranger.

Adventures in Shaw went to market and the pictures alone are worth the click, but the words about the Falls Church Farmer’s Market are equally endearing.

Maxwell has been largely hidden from the musical scene since 2001 (and to this editor’s thinking has never matched his sublime debut CD, Urban Hang Suite.)  A new album has finally dropped, and the His Story has a very compelling review

The Republic of T provides a summary of what he sees as the irony and intellectual dishonesty of the GOP in the Sotomayor confirmation process.

Looking for a Think Tank gig? The DC Public Affairs and Communications Jobs blog has compiled a rather extensive list for you.

If you don’t make plans now to take your favorite pooch to the Washington Humane Society Doggy Happy Hour August 5th at the Park Hyatt, s/he may never forgive you.

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