DC Blogs Noted


Tome of the Unknown Writer is “Sick and tired of being sick and tired” but still found the energy to write a multi-part screed on the affairs of the day.  In one of my favorite parts, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are lampooned as “self-serving…pickaninny pimps.”

At the beginning of the month we featured a blog post about Molly, a dognapped four year old Vizla. Borderstan and We Love DC had news that she has been reunited with her humans.

Dr. Coobysnacks realizes that she has a terminal degree, a crushing student dept load, and has become a statistic in the process.

Since the news of the Real World coming to DC broke, the online world has been abuzz with activity surrounding the collection of strangers on S street.  The majority of attention has been from new media sources which face the same pressure to be first as traditional media.  That rush has produced some legal, ethical, and journalistic questions that the Anti Real World DC addresses with a guest post on the Power of Sourcing.

The heartbreaker behind the I’m Gonna Break Your Heart turns thirty-two today and has an equal number of thoughts about it.

A stunning photo at Liminality depicts an iconic image of DC.