DC Blogs Noted


Just Matt talks Jordin Sparks and Kenny Loggins. Hey, at least he’s self-aware. My questionable taste in music this week.

Oh Susanica! finds out she can be considered a legal parent the day her child is born – something that was not the case when her first child arrived. Who’s your mommy!

Lawyer Mama braves the Henry Gates arrest discussion in The Post That’s Going to Piss People Off.

Any post that starts “I’ve always had an attraction to Queen Elizabeth I” gets attention. Joey Bahamas takes us through some thinking on The “Virgin” Queen, including possibly a new title and way of thinking of her.

Not Easily Impressed is most defintely not impressed by… cake toppers and other wastes of money. Amen sister, but some of the ones you pictured are hillarious! I Cross My Heart

Grateful Dating in responding to the Happiness Project, thinks about choice and like and merging the two. The post, titled Like.