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Adults (though I hesitate to refer to politicians as such) may still debate the reality of Climate Change. For the nine year old son of the author of the In All My Spare Time however, the debate is over and he’s asking questions: Moon or Mars?

Have you seen the new show More to Love?  Both franco.Beans and Lemmonex have and they have problems with it.  Read his perspective from the view of a gentleman who knows that curves is not a dirty word;” and hers from the view of a lady who has “been there, done that and is sick of such a narrow view of beauty.”

The Foggy Dew wants to be clear “he likes dogs.”  It is, however, the “two legged idiots” at the end of the leash with whom he frequently has problems.

Is it possible that Barack Obama is taking career cues from Harrison Ford? Plight of the Pumpernickel makes a very funny case for this line of thought.

Among the many reasons it is fashionable to insult hipsters is the fact that “There’s nothing more ironic than a hipster pretending they’re not even being ironic” declares the Not Enough Tequila in the World.

Ladies (and some gentleman,) are you “Humiliated by your Aunt Frieda, who at 80 can strut a heel much better than you with your undisciplined flip-flop-packing feet?” Thanks to Karen Watkins, the voice behind the MoCo Scene Blog, we’ve learned about a new class offered by Washington Sports Club to help you.  Read her thoughts on the Catwalk Confidence Fitness Series here.

Registering to be a bone marrow donor is completely painless and requires no more effort than a cheek swab.  We Love DC wants to publicize a Bone Marrow Donor Drive taking place at JCC this week.

L A Cochran wants to simplify the rules of the road.

If you are a fan of puns and late 90s hip-hop references, you need to get down with this T-Shirt.  Thanks, Alla of Oh So Mala Tumblr.

K Street Kate gives a shout-out to DC’s only reigning professional sports championship team.