DC Blogs Noted


Elizabeth Nolan Brown says she promises not to become one of those people who’s all about NYC and how great it is. Promise? So far the score is NYC, 1; DC, 0. DC v. NY: Food Edition

Go Big or Go Home reflects on the last, and the next, 30 years. My next thirty years

Talkapedia has some words on what college will and WON’T do for you. Dear Folks #23: The Job Hunt

Foodie Tots loves our local farmers’ markets. But pick a favorite? Impossible! America’s Next Farmers Market Star?

Meanwhile Capitol Swell can make any number of policy decisions, but decide on dinner? Instead, CapSwell posits a mobile Farmers Market might be useful for busy DCers. The Hardest Choice

Happy days here again? Global Chameleon shares 5 Things I Won’t Miss When the Recession Ends

Blogger Happy Hour tonight, 7 p.m., Evolve in Adams Morgan. The Restaurant Refugee has details.