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The writer Lady & Her Boys Club dresses up for a night out. She draws the attention of men who say “hello” and “nice dress,” among other things. The compliments are both nice and disquieting. Excerpt:

It can be a terrifying world for a single 27-year-old female. I’m not naive. I have heard the stories, some from friends. I understand the importance of being self-aware and safe. But on a busy city street when a man on a stoop greets me and compliments my outfit, even if he is overenthusiastic, I can take the compliment with a polite smile and maybe even a hi back. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where I shouldn’t do that.

Over 100 people attend a meeting about the future of streetcars in DC, including the writer of ReadysetDC.

DC Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Some, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal. The Sexist.

The $200 Coq au Vin. Eclectique|916

Room 11, the new wine bar in Columbia Heights, at Best Bites Blog

Foggy Bottom neighborhood blog, FoBoBlo

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